How To Raise The Issue of Burnout

Many people are in danger of losing their well-being and sense of balance after a certain period. They might be in the fifth decade of life and feel that they have to start leading a more balanced life. They think they should make some changes to their lifestyle and work style to make things easier for themselves. However, they realize that they are not in a position where they can do things differently. They start to feel less and less motivated, and it becomes harder and harder to face the everyday challenges of life.

In business, burnout happens all the time. According to the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, burnout is the “most common mental complaint among workers in industrialized nations.” Experiencing burnout is not just about feeling tired; it can have a direct negative impact on mental and physical well-being. The weight of exhaustion can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, affecting not only the job but also the overall health. It is, therefore, important for organizations to step in and consider the welfare of their employees in such scenarios. Providing support and resources for mental health, such as utilizing Thrive’s wellbeing apps, can make a significant difference.

What is burnout?

It’s a term that refers to a person’s emotional exhaustion and chronic low-level stress. Burnout can happen to anyone, from a high-achieving executive to a janitor. In addition, burnout is an issue that affects everyone. The problem is that burnout is almost impossible to avoid. I know because I am a victim of it. And I know that, as a victim, I am not alone.

While hiring more cleaning staff and offering physical comforts are immediate changes expected by the organization, another crucial aspect that should be emphasized is providing sufficient opportunities for employees to grow within the organization and feel satisfied with their positions.

In any company, it’s essential for employees to feel comfortable and energized. The work environment should be a source of motivation and productivity, rather than a place of stress and anxiety. Businesses can try to combat the challenge of employee burnout by offering benefits within the workspace to make their experience better. This includes tying up with a Hospitality Service to offer meals to all employees; it could also be in the form of setting up a couple of massage chairs that all staff can use to unwind; or just setting up a meeting with any member who is showing signs of exhaustion and having an open conversation about it.

Few things are more frustrating than experiencing burnout – and it is a common phenomenon that many people experience at some point in their career. Many experience it just within the first five years in their job, but others may endure it for many more years. How can people overcome burnout? For starters, the word burnout is often used in a clinical sense to describe a state of exhaustion resulting from overwork.

You’re promised it will be exciting, challenging, and fulfilling when you take a job. You can’t exactly turn down a job at the local pharmacy, right? But when some days go by with no new tasks, and your boss seems more concerned with how you’re doing your job, then there’s a problem. Burnout is a real problem that needs to be taken seriously.

With the number of employees in the workforce increasing daily, organizations are under pressure to have their employees focused and happy. Job satisfaction and the work-life balance must be a strong focus for organizations to promote long-term employee retention and growth. While the phrase “work-life balance” is often used, organizations are not clear on what the term means and how it can be achieved.

So, how will you raise the issue of burnout?

  • Awareness is a must

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by life’s demands and responsibilities. But that’s why it’s so important to take the time to notice our feelings and to reflect on how we are feeling or what is happening around us.

  • Be courageous; seek support

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and the world is getting you down, the symptoms of burnout are present, and you may be suffering from the condition. Being burned out does not mean that you have a heart of stone or that you cannot take on new and difficult challenges. Rather, it means that you are not taking care of yourself. Being burned out can also lead to depression, and if left untreated, it can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. If you feel you may be suffering from burnout, you must talk to a friend, family member, or healthcare professional. You could also try some medications like anti-depressants or THC e-juice from places such as canada cannabis dispensary and others like it.

We know burnout is a serious issue for healthcare professionals, but many will struggle to come out of it, and it can be so uncomfortable that it’s hard to talk about. Many professionals struggle to raise it and, as a result, have no idea that they might not be alone.

Burnout also often goes unnoticed or neglected due to employees not raising their voices and demanding change. It is well within an employee’s right to ask for a change in some or the other way. Burnout can be caused by many things, such as toxicity in the workplace, a physically distressing work environment, or something related. But burnout could be solved by many things as well, such as demanding a change in work protocol, addressing toxicity, or even changing up the office design or furniture (sellers like these can help in this regard) to be more comfortable and conducive to efficiency.

I’ve often said that burnout is the #1 workplace issue. It’s hard to get to the bottom of because it’s so difficult to see and impossible to measure. It’s also tricky to talk about because it can be both hard to pinpoint and tough to talk about. And, when you do bring up burnout, it can come off as being either a victim or a villain.

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